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All TradeStation brokerage account applicants are required to read and acknowledge the TradeStation account agreements to complete the submission of their application. The response from the successful submission of the Application payload will include a list of required agreements and the HTML necessary to render those agreements on the client application. See Agreements Specifications for details.

Agreements Flow Diagram

Agreements Flow#

  1. Client application receives application submission success response which contains ApplicationId, AgreementsHtml, and the Agreements object. See Create Application and Edit Application response objects for details.
  2. Client application decodes the AgreementsHTML and displays the agreements HTML to the user.
  3. User acknowledges the agreements via the client application user interface.
  4. Client application submits the Agreements object to Agreements Acknowledgement endpoint.
  5. The AOP API will return any errors. The client application should fix the errors and repeat step 4.
  6. Client application receives Agreements Acknowledgement submission success response which has a status code of 200. The TradeStation account application is now fully submitted via the AOP API, and the Application and Uploaded Documents can no longer be edited.

Application Response#

The agreements that the applicant is required to acknowledge are returned as part of the response from the Application in two parts: AgreementsHtml and Agreements. AgreementsHtml contains the HTML neccessary for the client application to display the agreements in an account onboarding user experience. This HTML must be decoded. The Agreements object contains the payload that is required to be submitted to the Agreements Acknowledgement endpoint. The Agreements object should not be edited, other than to populate the date signed timestamps.

Agreements Acknowledgment#

Upon applicant's acknowledgment of the agreements provided in the AgreementsHtml, the client application will submit the provided Agreements object to the Agreements Acknowledgement endpoint to complete the application submission process.