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AOP API Overview


The TradeStation AOP API is a collection of RESTful endpoints that allow for the fully disclosed creation of new TradeStation brokerage accounts. Using the AOP API, you can create a custom account onboarding experience, tailored to your unique workflow.

Get Started#

Here are the steps needed to help you get started with the TradeStation AOP API.

  1. Enable AOP Access - You will need to either obtain a TradeStation API Key if you do not already have one, or ask Client Services to enable your existing TradeStation API Key for AOP. See FAQ for instructions.

  2. Authentication - The client application will route the user to Universal Login to register or login using TradeStation credentials. Specific AOP authentication query parameters are required in order to generate access tokens that allow access to the AOP API. See AOP Authentication for details.

  3. Collect Application Payload - The TradeStation AOP API accepts the bulk of the user's application information in a single JSON payload. The client application can collect the required information in any order, as long as it is submitted to the AOP API with the correct application schema. See Create Application for specifications, and the Application page for more details about this process.

  4. Create Application - The client application will submit the application payload to the Create Application endpoint with the user's AOP access token. See Application page for more details about this process.

  5. Edit Application - If necessary, the client application can submit an edited application payload to the Edit Application endpoint with the user's AOP access token. See Application page for more details about this process.

  6. Document Upload - Submission of certain legal documents through the documents endpoint will only be needed in international cases and some domestic situations. See Document Upload Specifications and Document Upload for details.

  7. Agreements - All TradeStation brokerage account applicants are required to read and acknowledge the TradeStation account agreements to complete the submission of their application. The response from the successful submission of the application payload will include a list of required agreements and the HTML necessary to render those agreements on the client application. See Agreements Specifications and Agreements for details.

Application Flow Diagram#

High Level Flow Diagram v3