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TradeStation API Docs

Welcome to TradeStation API docs! This page features a description of the TradeStation API, its benefits, prominent users, versions, and how to reach our forum and support. For implementation instructions, see API Specifications Page.

About the TradeStation API

The TradeStation API is a collection of RESTful brokerage and market data services that can be used to build trading applications. TradeStation's mobile and web applications leverage the same APIs. Using our robust API, you can create a custom online trading experience, tailored to your unique tools and workflow.

Benefits of the TradeStation API

Imagine bringing your trading program to life, boosted by a full-powered trading platform. Whether you’re an independent trader, small development company or financial institution, you’ll be in the driver’s seat. Our API exposes a broad range of services that you can use to build your own interactive trading application.

The TradeStation API supports stocks, options, and futures trading – conveniently providing access to multiple markets under the same interface. Your trading application can integrate trade functionality into a signal-based system, scan for new ideas or just simply analyze account performance. Once you plug in your program and trading ideas, you’ll receive lightning-fast access to the financial data you need for your core app.

Top Companies on the TradeStation API

Join the ranks of these top companies that leverage the TradeStation API:

  • TradingView: TradingView offers interactive charting services powered by a community of traders from around the world. With TradeStation’s Web API, TradingView users can trade stocks, ETFs, and futures all from their TradingView account.
  • Vector Vest: Through the TradeStation Web API, VectorVest customers can reap the benefits of VectorVest’s stock analysis and portfolio management system alongside the speed and reliability of TradeStation’s fast order execution system.
  • Bookmap: TradeStation’s Web API combines the power of Bookmap’s visual technology, which displays market liquidity and order flow utilizing an adjustable heatmap.

How to become a TradeStation business partner

API Versions

TradeStation supports two API versions. We recommend using v3 to take advantage of new features. However, v2 will be available until we upgrade all v2 services to v3.

The TradeStation API is reachable at the base-url:

v3 Base URL


v2 Base URL

API Features

API v3                    API v2                    
New Features✔️

Stay tuned for our next release, which will include more trading support and other interface updates.

Getting Help

For general questions about TradeStation, please email Client Services at