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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get an API Key?#

To get a TradeStation WebAPI Key, you must have a TradeStation account. If you already have a funded TradeStation account, please send an e-mail to to obtain a key. For more information about the WebAPI, or to open an account, please see our API Product Page.

How do I change the configuration of my API Key?#

Please send an e-mail to to request changes to the configuration of your API Key.

Which version of the API should I use?#

We recommend using the newest version of the API (TradeStation API v3).

Some differences between API v3 and API v2:

API v3                    API v2                    
New Features✔️

Do you have any code examples?#

Code samples can be found in API Specifications.

How do I get support if I have questions about using the API?#

For general questions about TradeStation, please email Client Services at

Can the API specification be downloaded?#

Yes, please see the download button on our API Specification page.